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About Us


Welcome to Fresh Buyzar

Our Journey Food Buyzar began with a simple idea: to bring the joy of authentic, home-cooked meals to every table. Founded in 2021 by a group of food enthusiasts, we've built a community around the love for quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and the magic that happens when people come together to share a meal.

Our Mission At Food Swap, we believe that food is more than just nourishment—it's a language that transcends borders and cultures. Our mission is to empower home chefs and local farmers, providing a platform where they can showcase their culinary creations and fresh produce. We're committed to sustainability, reducing food waste, and creating a positive impact on our environment.


What We Provide?

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Fresh Produce at Best Prices

We're dedicated to providing affordable options for fresh produce delivered straight to your doorstep. Enjoy the best deals on high-quality fruits and vegetables without breaking the bank.

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Wide Assortment of Freshness

Discover a diverse array of fresh produce sourced directly from local farmers. Whether you're looking for seasonal favorites, exotic finds, or organic options, we have something for every taste and preference.

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Free Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of free delivery within our service area. Say goodbye to the hassle of grocery shopping and let us bring farm-fresh goodness right to your door at no extra cost.

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Hassle-Free Returns

Our commitment to quality means you can shop with confidence. If you're not satisfied with any of your items, we'll arrange for an easy return and replacement, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind the freshness and quality of every item we deliver. If you're not completely happy with your order, we'll make it right, no questions asked.

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Fresh Daily Deals

Every day, discover special offers on a variety of fresh produce items. From seasonal specials to exclusive deals, there's always something new to explore and enjoy as part of our vibrant community of food lovers.


Fresh Deliveries

Over 10,000 fresh deliveries made through Fresh Buyzar, connecting households with locally sourced produce.


Produce Varieties

With over 234 varieties of fresh produce available, Fresh Buyzar celebrates diversity and quality in every order.


Community Engagements

Join over 12 community engagements where members connect over their shared love for fresh, locally sourced produce.


Seasonal Recipes

Explore over 110 seasonal recipes tailored to the fresh produce available at Fresh Buyzar, inspiring culinary creativity.

Our Team

Meet Our Fresh Buyzar Team

Meet the passionate individuals who are behind Fresh Buyzar, working tirelessly to bring you the freshest produce and a delightful grocery delivery experience.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive top-quality, locally sourced produce delivered right to your doorstep, making your life easier and healthier.

We strive to foster a culture of excellence and innovation, constantly seeking ways to improve our service and exceed your expectations.


Delivery Expert

Vivek Singh

Procurement Manager

About Us

Fresh Buyzar is a preferred farm fresh fruits & vegetable store in Delhi NCR. Buy vegetables & fruits online at Best rates. We are Providing Vegetables and Fruits Home Delivery in Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram.


Delivery Information


Order and enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits at your doorsteps. We offer next-day delivery in Delhi, NCR for orders made before midnight.

SORRY, We do not deliver on Sundays.

Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays are delivered on Monday.

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